Consistent In My Inconsistency

I thought May would be an ideal time to dust off the ol’ blog(/millionth incarnation of), because the Me Made May frenzy is in full swing and ooh, how I wanted to join in the fun.  Bonus: My best girls and I took a sewing class in February, which prompted a number of pattern- and fabric-purchases and overconfident declarations re: making my handmade wardrobe a reality, because I WAS A SEAMSTRESS WHO COULD SEW ANYTHING Y’ALL.

That was three months ago.  We made a pair of boxer shorts in class and, as of May 1st, my hand-sewn stock consisted of said boxer shorts and a single skirt.  As for my knitted wardrobe:  Equal parts woolen Winter sweaters and tank tops, with nary a tee in between – not quite weather-appropriate for May.  Accessories aplenty, sure – but slapping a shawl over my largely manufactured outfits seemed like cheating.

So…not this year.  Which has resulted in a MMM pledge of its own, kinda:  Dedicate the month (and beyond) to preparing for MMM 2017.

Anyway, so I made this skirt.

Specifically, I made Sewaholic’s Rae Skirt in a Sarah Watts print that appeals to both my love of polka dots and cats.  It took me two days from start to finish, which is a statement on my weebabyseamstress skills and nothing more.  Fantastic pattern – very clear and beginner-friendly.  As a knitter, I routinely/lazily throw caution to the wind and forgo gauge swatches.  As a sewer, I am uncharacteristically By The Book – pre-wash the fabric!  Measure obsessively!  Press those seams!  Press them again!  Et cetera!

The awkward selfie is a placeholder, as I am knitting away on a short-sleeved Summer sweater destined to be the skirt’s mate, and one day I will wear them together and be all BOOM, I MADE THIS, ALL OF THIS and astound the masses.  Until then:  A fragment of a skirt, two legs, a cat, a hardwood floor, a tee-shirt from my favorite distillery.  Welcome to my blog, like, again.


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