May, In A Nutshell

1. I upheld my tradition of being a crap blogger.

2. I sewed a fail-tank that outed itself as a fail-tank fairly early in the process; however, as it was my first sewn top, I powered through its curves and biases in the name of a learning experience. Two sizes too large (how, Rachel, how?) and in the Wrongest of Wrong Fabrics, but I remain proud.

3. In happier news, I sewed a Rae skirt that is legitimately WEARABLE.   (Ed. Note – My first sewn garment, a pair of boxers stitched together in Feb, also qualify as “legitimately wearable”, in that I wore them atop my leggings en route to the bar, post-sewing class, but that was a cold-weather-inspired decision and unlikely to repeat itself – in public, anyway.)  But yes, skirt: It’s the bottom half of my contribution to the 2016 Outfit-Along, the upper half being Chuck, as there is no better time to knit a woolen cabled sweater than late June.

4. Summer knitting! Specifically: A simple short-sleeved TCPT in gray; a nubby cotton-linen Aphelion; a linen Strathcona; and linen Waterlily, the latter of which found its way to a blocking mat nearly a year after casting on.

5. Currently: The aforementioned Chuck; a Windlass from the latest PPQ; and a Morning Mist, for I am 24-hours away from vacation and mindless stockinette is perfect for airports and picnics and people-watching.

6. More to come…question mark?


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