I could use a nap.

It’s not for lack of WANT, this blog-that-isn’t – it’s life, chronically ill husbands and long work hours and other (seemingly endless) sources of stress and sadness and exhaustion.  But there is light at the end of this tunnel, the possibility of wellness for my long-suffering J. and more than a few Major Life Changes.  All in good time – four months, five – but if nothing else, the wheels are set in motion and knowing that helps with the rest.


For now:  I’m working hard to regain some semblance of happy.  Last week, I walked away from a stressful work situation and into the salon next door, because It Was There.  One pedicure later, I returned to my cubicle a changed woman.  A seemingly insignificant thing, those fancified feet, but oh my God, had I forgotten about the importance of self-care.  With that first taste, I leapt into action – signing up for a sewing class and making dinner and sleepover plans, respectively, with two long-neglected friends.  I caught up on emails, I brought a new sewing machine and a tub of protein powder, and started taking the stairs again.  I put the takeout menus away and went to the grocery store.  Progress.

On the crafting front:  I knit the cutest damn sweater and my first and second pair of socks.  Socks!  Perfect for the everyday commuter and oh-so-cozy on the toesies.  Other knits have been short and satisfying, e.g. a cozy for a beer growler and a simple scarf for the aforementioned J., plus I started knitting my first Xmas-present-to-be of the year.  AND THEN – I did a vicious sweep of my Ravelry queue, knocking it down to <100 projects-to-be, cutting the fat and the novelty and really focusing on things that I’d like to wear.  A second sweep is inevitable, for I am merciless.

Lots of words, no pretty photos.  Maybe next time.



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