Wearable Thing the Second: Fen

…being a little less wearable than the first, owing to poor fabric/pattern pairing and general Sewing N00b noobie’ness, but hell.  A girl has to start somewhere.

You say “Halloween novelty print”, I say “Iron Maiden RULES”.

Luckily, 90% of wonkiness is concentrated around the neckline and therefore easily concealed by a knitted Thing – in this case, my third Arbutus to date – which automatically amps up my Me Made game.  Are her bias facings a mess, or is she just the craftiest of crafty mavens?  NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW.

Anyway, the quilting cotton I used for this top is a bit on the stiff side and did not handle the wash as well as I would have liked.  Slightly faded and pilled and paired with the v-neckline, my top looks a bit hospital-scrubby on its own.  But still:  Pride.  So much pride.

Next in the queue:  A second Willow, this time in dress form.  I have some well-aged chambray in the stash – received secondhand and hauled around for years and years, despite absence of sewing skills – that seems suitable.

Elsewhere on the needles:  Everything.  Holiday gifts.  Lots of stranded colorwork, which a) I loathe and b) is slow-going, as far as my clumsy li’l fingers are concerned.  With the start of football season, my knitty output is bound to increase (as it does every year), so fingers crossed that I’ll have an FO or two in short order…


One thought on “Wearable Thing the Second: Fen

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