…literally, in that I’ve traded the muggy swampland of D.C. for a house high in the mountains of Tennessee.  It’s (understatement) amazing up here, especially in the wake of two very difficult years, and I look forward to reclaiming some semblance of peace and happiness.

Suffice to say, most crafty doings have been sidelined in favor of BUYING A HOUSE! SELLING A HOUSE! PACKING A HOUSE! HOLIDAYS HOLIDAYS HOLIDAYS! ENDURING A TEN-HOUR DRIVE WITH TWO ANGRY CATS! RETURNING TO WORK AFTER A MULTI-WEEK ABSENCE!, and other crazy-stressful things warranting Caps-Lock.  I did manage to produce two sweaters that I am completely and totally over-the-moon about, both of which are courtesy of the lovely folks at Pom Pom Quarterly:

(Ravelry Links- Roquaine and Carlu)

Now that I’m settled into my new home-office-slash-craft-room, my fingers are jonesing to start making stuff – like, all of the stuff.  First up are two obligatory pussyhats for my sister and her friend, both of whom are participating in the Women’s March on Washington next week.  From there?  A little Make Nine synopsis, largely contingent on me becoming a better seamstress:

  • Willow (Tank):  The first one is in heavy rotation; I clearly need more.
  • A Better Fen:  Between the v-neck and the poor choice of fabric (i.e., quilting cotton), my first attempt at Fen resembles hospital scrubs.  I want a do-over.
  • One-Hour Top:  I’ve never sewn with knits before and this appears to be a good starting point.  Bonus: I’ve purchased Fancy Tiger’s video tutorial through Creative Bug, which should serve as a solid safety net.
  • Tee (Wanderlust or Lark):  Progressing from knits to set-in sleeves.  The beginner-friendly Wanderlust may be my best option, but I already own the printed Lark pattern, sooo…
  • Vitamin D Cardigan:  I need more lightweight and basic cardigans in my wardrobe, and this one has been in the queue for years.  Time to make it happen.
  • Loro Vest:   Hey, warm Tennessee climate.  Hey, layering pieces.  Hey.
  • Windlass:  See above re: warmer climate and love of all things Pom Pom.
  • Beatnik:  Cast on over a year ago and neglected.  I need to finish this before next Winter; it’s too lovely for the WIP pile.
  • Little Cabin:  I was stalking this pattern long before its release.  Bobbled perfection.

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