This Thing…

…specifically:  This Blogging Thing.  I am rather bad at it.

Brushing aside that fact (see also: the many months since my last post):  Incoming Summer.  KAL Party.  Organization.  Let’s do this.

KAL the First:  Tegna.  Because I adore Caitlin’s designs(/aesthetic) and eventually want to knit every last one of her patterns.  This particular project has the added advantage of using up some well-aged stash (MadTosh Light), which I am try-TRYING to be better about.

KAL the Second:  Outfit–Along 2017.  I missed the mark on the sewing portion of last year’s OAL, but have an invaluable year of sewing practice propping me up this time.  The end game is a (knitted) Riverine linen top and a pair of (sewn) Parkside shorts.  Elastic-waisted, because 1) I haven’t advanced to zippers quite yet and 2) stretchy waistbands are the stuff of dreams.

KAL the Third:  Pomfest/PPQ Anniversary.  I’ve already submitted my Mono Greco to his KAL, and ordered yarn for an Anniversary Issue Jamboree.  (See above re: TRYING to knit from the stash – and apparently failing?)

Kinda-KAL the Fourth:  Fringe Associations’ Summer of Basics, the premise being three staples in three months.  The aforementioned green shorts-to-be will qualify, and my closet could use some solid-colored, uber-basic Willow tanks(/layering pieces).  I’m also contemplating a Featherweight Cardigan (long-overdue, very needed), time-permitting.

Obligatory Photo to Offset this Jumble of Thinking:


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